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Silver Anniversary Show Results

Division One Large

Champion: Tim Polley
Reserve: C & C White

Cock:  Davis Game Fowl
Hen: Tim Polley
Cockerel: C & C White
Pullet: C & C White

Best Blk Red D/L Fowl           Tim Polley
(Sponsored by Lee Wood)

Best Opposite Sex                    C & C White
( Sponsored By Chris Jaeger)

Division Two Large
Champion Norman Ironside
Reserve Norman Ironside

Cock: Norman Ironside
Hen: Anthoney Mountney
Cockerel: Mick O'Connell
Pullet: Norman Ironside

Best Blue/Red Lge            Anthony Mountney
( Sponsored by Rob Mellor)
Best Gld D/wing Cock Lge    Tony Mann
(Sponsored by Chris Jaegar)
Best D/Wing Lge                Norman Ironside
(Sponsored by Chris Jaegar)
Best D/wing Lge L/L          Norman Ironside
(Sponsored by Tony Johnson)
Best Pile Large                     Alec Germon
(Sponsored by Peter Irvine)
Reserve Pile Lge                   Tony Johnson
(Sponsored by Chris Jaegar)

Division Three Large

Champion:   C&C White
Reserve:  Tim Polley

Cock: Clayton Sneesby
Hen: Norman Ironside
Cockerel: Tim Polley
Pullet: C & C White

Best Blk/Red L/L Lge                Tim Polley
(Sponsored By Tim Polley)
Best Creel/Cuckoo Lge             C&C White
(Sponsored by Michael Patterson)
Res Creel/Cuckoo Lge              Tony Johnson
(Sponsored by Michael Paterson)
Best Ginger Lge                     C&C White
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Reserve Ginger Lge               Clayton Sneesby
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best Y/L Ginger Ckl              Clayton Sneesby
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best Y/L Ginger Plt                C&C White
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best D/L Ginger Ckl               C&C White
(sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best D/L Ginger Plt                C&C White
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best Dunn Large                    Luke King
(Sponsored by Peter Irvine)
Best Grey Large                    Peter Irvine (Sponsored by Peter Irvine)
Best Brn/Red Lge                 C&C White
(Sponsored by Shane Moss)
Best Spangle Lge                   R&M Hall
(Sponsored by Bruce)

Best Breed Pair Large           Tim Polley
(Sponsored by Tony Johnson)

Division One Bantam 

Champion: Davis Game Fowl
Reserve: Tim Polley

Cock: Davis Game Fowl
Hen: Graham Prior
Cockerel: Tim Polley
Plt: Col McCall 

Best Blue Red L/L Btm       Davis Game Fowl
(Sponsored by Tim Polley)
Best Blu Tail L/L Btm          Graham Prior
(Sponsored by Rob Mellor)
Best Blk Tail L/L Btm           Col McCall 
Sponsored by Tony Johnson)
Best Blk/Red L/L Btm          Tim Polley
(Sponsored by Martin Fullagar)

Division Two Bantam
Champion: Davis Game Fowl
Reserve: Ross Robinson

Cock: Davis Game Fowl 
Hen :C Sneesby
Ckl: Ross Robinson
Plt: Mark Waters

Best D/Wing L/L Btm       Steve Hendrickson (Sponsored by Lee Wood)
Best D/Wing D/L Btm         Davis Game Fowl
(Sponsored by Lee Wood)
Best Spangle Btm                Robert Johnstone
(Sponsored by B & D Taylor)
Best Pile Btm                     Ross Robinson
(Sponsored by Martin Fullagar)
Best Blood Wing Pile          Ross Robinson
(Sponsored by Brett Sherwood)
Best Blk/Red Partridge D/L Btm   Cody Shaw (Sponsored by Brian Bennet)

Division Three Bantam 
Champion: Terry Politch
Reserve: Mark Waters

Cock: Terry Politch
Hen: Peter Irvine
Ckl; Tim Polley
Plt: Mark Waters

Best Grey Bantam                      Terry Politch
(Sponsored by Peter McMillian)
Best Creel/Cuckoo Btm             Mark Waters
(sponsored by Tony Johnson) 
Best Ginger Btm                    Scamp & Hughs
(Sponsored by Michael Ryan)
Best Brn/Red Btm                   Peter Chapman
(Sponsored by Rob Mellor)
 Best Brassy/Furnace Btm            Peter Irvine
(Sponsored by Brian Bennett)
Best Muff/Tassle Btm              Ross Robinson
(sponsored by Corrina Sloane)
Best Dunn/Blk Btm                    Mark Waters 
(Sponsored by Tim Tydd)
Best Bantam Cock               Davis Game Fowl  (sponsored by Michael Patterson)

Best Blu/Red L/L wheaten Fowl  P Chapman
(Sponsored by Rob Mellor)
Best O/Red Brn/Red Fowl    Davis Gamefowl
(Gippsland Game & T Tydd)
Champion Btm Breed Pair            Col McCall

Champion Junior                           Cody Shaw
Reserve Junior                     Cameron Sneesby

Champ Lge Junior               Cameron Sneesby
(Sponsored by C Sloane)
Reserve Lge Junior              Cameron Sneesby

Champion Bantam Junior              Cody Shaw (Sponsored by C Sloane)
Reserve Btm Junior                       Cody Shaw
Champion Junior pair                    Cody Shaw

Champion Large                           Tim Polley
Sponsored by C&D McCall)
Reserve Lge                                  C&C White
(OEG Club) 

Champion Bantam                 Davis Gamefowl (Sponsored by Tony Davis)
Reserve Bantam                     Davis Gamefowl  (OEG Club of Aust)    
Champion Pair O/All                     Tim Polley
(Tas Game Spectacular)

Champion of Show                Davis Gamefowl
 (OEG Club of Aust)

Reserve Bird of Show                    Tim Polley

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